Richard A. Klass, Esq. is “Your Court Street Lawyer”

Richard A. Klass is the quintessential “Court Street Lawyer,” as defined by the New York Times; a “street-smart sharpie with verve, hustle and a striver’s charisma.”

Practicing law much like a critical care doctor functions, Klass is the lawyer clients do not want to need but is essential when they do. Practicing primarily in the areas of commercial litigation, debt collection and enforcement of judgments, legal malpractice, and real estate litigation, his firm also represents clients in bankruptcy, civil appeals, and federal court litigation.

Mr. Klass lectures and writes extensively for lawyers and industry professionals. He also publishes the widely-read quarterly newsletter Law Currents; his blogs Law Currents and The Legal Malpractice Blog, New York; and books, Successfully Defending Your Credit Card Lawsuit: What to Do If You Are Sued for a Credit Card Debt, published in 2013 and Attorney’s Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement: What to do if your client stops paying you, published in 2015.

The areas of practice for our Brooklyn, New York office include:

The firm also has a reputation for taking on those unusual and difficult cases that may not fit into a single “pigeon hole.” If you’re not sure if “Your Court Street Lawyer” handles it, just ask.

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"Attorney's Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement: What to do if your client stops paying you," by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

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Attorney’s Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement:
What to do if your client stops paying you

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

Attorney’s Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement, is intended to provide attorneys with information relating to the attachment and enforcement of retaining liens and charging liens; methods of enforcement of these attorney’s liens; steps to be taken to pursue legal action for the recovery of legal fees; and risk management and ethical issues relating to the enforcement of attorney’s liens and actions.