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Killing the “Zombies”:
Recent Changes to New York State’s Foreclosure Laws

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

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With New York State still experiencing reverberations from the 2008 Great Recession, the State government passed legislation designed to ameliorate the recessive impacts through changes in mortgage foreclosure laws. On June 23, 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law Chapter 73 of the Laws of New York 2016. This new legislation addresses several areas concerning housing retention and foreclosure, including (a) moving “zombie” properties through a quicker foreclosure process; (b) making foreclosure settlement conferences more meaningful to spur settlements; and (c) ensuring that homeowners in foreclosure receive better notice of their rights.

Contents include

  • Eliminating vacant and abandoned properties
  • Streamlining foreclosure settlement conference part
  • PreForeclosure Notices
  • Getting Foreclosed Houses to Market Quicker

Quick Reference Guide to Attorney’s Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement:
What to do if your client stops paying you

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

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Quick Reference Guide to Attorney’s Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement is intended to provide attorneys with information relating to the attachment and enforcement of retaining liens and charging liens; methods of enforcement of these attorney’s liens; steps to be taken to pursue legal action for the recovery of legal fees; and risk management and ethical issues relating to the enforcement of attorney’s liens and actions.

Successfully Defending Your Credit Card Lawsuit:
What to Do If You Are Sued for a Credit Card Debt

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

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If you are faced with a credit card lawsuit, this book, Successfully Defending Your Credit Card Lawsuit by Richard A. Klass, may help you present a more robust defense. This book offers sample pleadings and motions, numerous free forms and instructions, and descriptions of the defenses and procedures in the “typical” case…. (read more)

Retention and Withdrawal of Counsel: a guide for attorneys
By Richard A. Klass, Esq.

This booklet is adapted from a continuing legal education (“CLE”) course of the same name taught by Richard A. Klass.

“There are many important considerations when a lawyer is being retained by a client and when the lawyer may be withdrawing from representation of the client.” (more)